Sentence: a Journal of Prose Poetics, which appeared in 10 issues between 2003 and 2013, published prose poems, essays, and reviews by most of the significant practitioners of the contemporary prose poem, including Russell Edson, Maxine Chernoff, John Ashbery, Margaret Atwood, James Tate, Michael Benedikt, Peter Johnson, Nin Andrews, Morton Marcus, David Lehman, Denise Duhamel, Tom Whalen, Charles Bernstein, Ron Padgett, Rosmarie Waldrop, John Yau, Gian Lombardo, Michel Delville, Gary Young, LeAnn Howe, Carter Revard, Christopher Buckley, Jim Daniels, Ray Gonzalez, Jamey Dunham, Don Mee Choi, Matthew Dickman, Mary Ruefle, Kim Hyesoon, Bill Berkson, Marjorie Perloff, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Daniel Nester, George Kalamaras, John Bradley, and many, many others.

Sentence is the place to find the best prose poetry in circulation. —American Book Review

This is the best magazine of its kind since Peter Johnson’s legendary magazine The Prose Poem ceased publication. —Bloomsbury Review

Issues 1-8 were edited by Brian Clements; issues 9 and 10 were edited by Brian Johnson.

Back issues 2-10 are available directly from Firewheel Editions: